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Pet Stain and Pet Odor Removal with New Jersey Carpet Cleaning

Your key to successful pet stain and pet odor removal

No matter how much you may love your pet, we know you don't enjoy dealing with the aftermath of pet accidents, and it's a safe bet you aren't ready to compromise the clean, sanitary environment of your home to these lapses. As you've no doubt already discovered, stubborn pet stains and pet odors can be difficult to remove from carpets, rugs, and other home furnishings.

We can help! At New Jersey Carpet Cleaning, we've helped pet owners solve this frustrating problem for over a decade. By providing specialized cleaning services to freshen and brighten your home, we improve your indoor atmosphere, reduce some of the stress in your life, and help you find new enjoyment in your pets.

Powerful pet stain and concentrated odor eliminators

Powerful pet stain removers and concentrated odor eliminators make the difference. Our specially trained technicians follow a specific three-step protocol to remove stubborn pet stains and absorb unpleasant and embarrassing odors:

Step 1: Identify – We start by inspecting the area using specialized tools to identify the areas of urine contamination. These tools allow us to locate areas that could easily be missed with the naked eye.

Step 2: Pre-Treat – We then pre-treat the identified areas using a special solution that breaks the protein bonds to prepare the organic odor- and stain- causing material for extraction.

Step 3: Clean and Deodorize – Finally, we inject enzyme-producing bacteria that attack the urine at the molecular level, breaking it down, consuming, and then digesting it. As the active enzymes present in the cleaning and deodorizing solution digest the organic waste matter, the unpleasant urine odors are destroyed at their source, resulting in permanent pet odor and pet stain removal.

Pet accidents are bound to happen. It's what you do afterward that makes the difference. The next time your pet has a temporary lapse, call New Jersey Carpet Cleaning right away. Let us help you restore the fresh, clean condition of your home, so you can entertain guests without embarrassment and your family can breathe easy again.

Pet Stain & Pet Odor Removl YouTube Video

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