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Organic Carpet Cleaning Service in New Jersey

At NJ Carpet Cleaning, our organic carpet cleaning service is designed to provide a natural, botanically-sourced and organically cultivated alternative to the stronger commercial cleaning solutions that many people prefer to avoid for various reasons. Three of these reasons follow:

  • Many allergy and asthma sufferers are sensitive to the ingredients in chemically-based cleaning solutions, which can trigger — or worsen — unpleasant allergy symptoms in these susceptible individuals.

  • Some people simply prefer to use organic because they believe natural, non-chemically sourced cleaners that contain ingredients grown according to responsible, non-poisonous agricultural methods are healthier for them and their families.

  • Still others are concerned about the impact that non-organic cleaners exert on the environment, and they simply want to do their part to protect the planet by using only green products.

Whatever your reason for selecting organic carpet cleaning service over conventional carpet cleaning methods, New Jersey Carpet Cleaning offers you — and the rest of our neighbors in the New Jersey area — a safe, natural, environmentally friendly carpet cleaning option that contains 100% organic ingredients.

Organic Ingredients Mean Safe Carpet Cleaning Formulations

Our organic carpet cleaning solutions contain various combinations of safe, natural ingredients such as the following:

  • Natural Minerals and Enzymes
  • Botanical Extracts, such as White Cedar Leaf Extract
  • Fruit Extracts, such as Grapefruit Seed and Lime Extract
  • Fruit Peels, such as Citrus Peel • Seeds, such as Meadow Form Seeds
  • Plants, such as Aloe • Acetic Acids, such as Cider Vinegar
  • Essential Oils, such as Lemon, Orange, or Lavender Oil
  • Other Natural Ingredients, such as Soy and Vegetable Fiber

Our 100% non-toxic organic carpet cleaning products are safe for children and pets.

Organic Carpet Cleaning Services that Bring You Peace of Mind

At New Jersey Carpet Cleaning, our organic carpet cleaning service doesn't just deliver a clean carpet. It brings you real peace of mind. Call us today to learn more about our safe, natural, 100% non-toxic organic carpet cleaning service.

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